October 29, 2020

Bendit Technologies Reports Successful FIH Use of Its Steerable Neuro Microcatheter

October 29, 2020—Bendit Technologies, an Israel-based medical device company, announced the successful results of the first-in-human use of the Bendit steerable neuro microcatheter at Sheba Medical Center in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The company advised it will be submitting the Bendit microcatheter for the neurovascular indication in the near future. It has received FDA and CE Mark approval for peripheral use.

According to the company, the team of doctors at the Sheba Medical Center’s Neuro-Interventional & Stroke Center performed the life-saving neurointerventional procedure on a man, age 74 years, with a massive brain aneurysm, using the Bendit steerable device.

“The patient had a giant brain aneurysm that was compressing his brainstem and had a high risk of brain hemorrhage,” stated David Orion, MD, in the company’s announcement. “The previous endovascular procedures we performed with the standard devices were unsuccessful due to this patient’s complicated anatomy and the presence of crucial brain arteries coming out of the aneurysm.”

Dr. Orion, who is Acute Stroke Director & Neuro Endovascular Surgeon at the Sheba Medical Center, continued, ”We requested a compassionate approval from Israel’s Ministry of Health to use it on our patient because we felt it was a life or death situation.” He concluded, ”This is the first-ever use of the Bendit microcatheter in a neuro indication, with very successful results, and in my opinion, may dramatically change the endovascular field.”

Bendit is developing technologies for steerable microcatheters that provide three-dimensional–controlled bending and navigation capabilities for peripheral vascular, neurovascular, and cardiology indications. The Bendit technology is designed to reduce complex catheterization procedures to a single step, and enable radial access to reduce patient risk, noted the company.


October 29, 2020

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