March 11, 2020

SIR Position Statement Guides Use of Endovascular Interventions in Trauma Care

March 12, 2020—The Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR) recently announced the publication of a position statement outlining the parameters trauma centers need to meet when using endovascular interventions to treat cases of traumatic injury.

The position statement was published by Siddharth A. Padia, MD, et al in SIR’s Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology (2020;31:363–369). The document's multidisciplinary writing group included experts in interventional radiology, trauma surgery, orthopedic surgery, and vascular surgery.

The SIR announcement noted that while traumatic injury is the leading cause of death for people younger than 45 years, the mortality rates have dropped because of better integration of multidisciplinary care, faster access to advanced imaging and interventions, and use of nonoperative management in specific scenarios.

According to SIR, among the recommendations in the position statement are the following:

  • Immediate 24-hour access to an interventional angiography facility
  • A multidisciplinary team that includes specialists who can perform larger and small vessel endovascular interventions
  • The ability for an interventional team to be ready to intervene within 60 minutes from the time a multidisciplinary team decides to proceed with an endovascular intervention
  • The development and adherence to evidence-based treatment algorithms for each trauma scenario for both adults and children

“Endovascular intervention plays a critical role in the care of the trauma patient, improving survival, reducing morbidity and decreasing blood loss," commented SIR President Laura Findeiss, MD, in the announcement. "When delivered promptly, it is highly effective in treating bleeds throughout the body, including in the liver, spleen, kidneys and pelvis—saving lives and saving function.

“This position statement sets out important recommendations to ensure that the appropriate level of knowledge and expertise are available among all members of the trauma team to ensure that the right care is delivered as swiftly as possible,” continued Dr. Findeiss.


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