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DRASTICO Study Compares Drug-Eluting Technologies in Femoropopliteal Lesions

July 17, 2019 -- Findings from the DRASTICO study, which compared drug-coated balloons (DCBs) and drug-eluting stents (DESs) for treating complex femoropopliteal arterial lesi…

Study Compares Endovascular Strategies for Treating Femoropopliteal Disease

July 17, 2019 -- Rongzhou He, MD, et al conducted a study of restenosis prevention with drug-eluting stents (DESs) or covered stents (CSs) in femoropopliteal arterial occlusiv…

Microvascular Disease May Be Linked to Higher Risk of Leg Amputations

July 8, 2019 -- The American Heart Association (AHA) announced the publication of a study demonstrating that microvascular disease is independently associated with a higher ri…

LUTONIX® DCB: Changing the Treatment Landscape for BTK Arteries

With Marianne Brodmann, MD; Marc Sirvent, MD, FEBVS; Ralf Langhoff, MD; Christoph A. Binkert, MD, FCIRSE, FSIR; and Luis Mariano Palena, MD

May 2019—In response to the LUTONIX Below-the-Knee (BTK) Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) Trial results, experts share their experience with LUTONIX® Drug-Coated Balloons (DC…

Leave the Right Thing Behind: Redefining Strategies for Limb Salvage

With Vincenzo Pestrichella, MD

May 2019—Discussing an algorithmic approach for simple to complex femoropopliteal lesions.

Worse Outcomes Seen With Loss to Follow-Up at 1 Year After Lower Extremity Interventions

June 28, 2019 -- In Vascular Medicine, Grace J. Wang, MD, et al published a study showing that loss to follow-up (LTF) at 1 year after lower extremity peripheral vascular inte…

RESULTS Registry Will Evaluate 2-Year Outcomes With Ra Medical's DABRA Excimer Laser System

June 19, 2019 -- Ra Medical Systems, Inc. announced it is conducting a study to demonstrate the effectiveness of the company's DABRA (Destruction of Arteriosclerotic Block…

FDA Paclitaxel Advisory Meeting Day 1: Panel Addresses Updated Data, Signal Presence, Class Effect, Missing Data, Subgroups, and Causes of Death

June 19, 2019 -- Among efforts to explore and address concerns raised by recent meta-analysis data that found an increased mortality signal in patients treated with lower extr…




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