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Subintimal Angioplasty for the Management of Chronic Total Occlusions

Larry Horesh, MD

October 2005—Subintimal angioplasty is an effective tool for the management of long-segment chronic total occlusions, particularly in higher Rutherford category patients.

Plaque Excision in 2005 and Beyond: Rebuttal

Lawrence A. Garcia, MD, and James F. McKinsey, MD

September 2005—Rebuttal of “Issues of the Past Have Yet to Be Resolved”

An Interview With Gary Ansel, MD

Gary Ansel, MD

September 2005—A top interventional cardiologist shares his insight on the future of SFA treatment and what to expect from VIVA 2005.

A Safe and Effective Primary Treatment Option

Lawrence A. Garcia, MD, and James F. McKinsey, MD

August 2005—Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) remains a major cause of disability, loss of work, and lifestyle changes in the US.1-6 Symptoms of PAD can vary from disabling pain with ambu…

Stenting in Long, Complex Lesions Is Superior to the “Old Standard”

Mark W. Mewissen, MD

August 2005—Endovascular treatment strategies for the relief of symptomatic lower-extremity peripheral vascular disease, secondary to femoropopliteal (FP) artery disease are changing at a…

Comparative Data Are Still Necessary

Barry T. Katzen, MD

August 2005—Endovascular therapy has clearly come a long way in recent years. Our techniques and technology have improved, and we continue to see new therapeutic options enter the arena, …

Regulation of Peripheral Vascular Devices

David S. Buckles; Jennifer L. Goode; and Dorothy B. Abel

August 2005—Current issues in the regulation of SFA stents.

Therapeutic Angiogenesis

Toshio Matsuhashi, MD; Dara L. Kraitchman, VMD, PhD; and Lawrence V. Hofmann, MD

July 2005—Is peripheral arterial disease treatment evolving from stents to stem cells?




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