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February 2018—LifeStent 5F Vascular Stent System BD Interventional (800) 321-4254 KEY FE

An Interview With Ehrin J. Armstrong, MD

February 2018—Dr. Armstrong discusses the DANCE trial and further research in PAD treatment, recent strides in aortoiliac care, and more.

The When and How of PAD Treatment: A Roundtable Discussion

With Dennis Gable, MD, FACS, RVT; Robert E. Beasley, MS, MD; Russell H. Samson, MD, FACS, RVT; and Darren B. Schneider, MD, FACS

February 2018—A panel of PAD experts talk through the patient-specific factors and technical nuances that influence outcomes.

Best Practices for Distal Bypass Using the GORE® PROPATEN® Vascular Graft

With Richard F. Neville, MD, FACS

February 2018—The patient and case dynamics to consider when utilizing a surgical approach to PAD.

Approaching Complex PAD

Arun Chervu, MD, MBA, MHA, FACS

February 2018—Discussing patient considerations, best practices, and device placement techniques.

Case Report: GORE® TIGRIS® Vascular Stent Implantation in Segmental Occlusion of the Popliteal Artery

Jacob H. Sharafuddin; Brian V. Miller, MD; and Mel J. Sharafuddin, MD

February 2018—Vascular-mimetic properties of this hybrid stent design contribute to high performance in a challenging vascular zone.

IVUS for GORE® TIGRIS® Vascular Stent Placement During Knee Flexion

Prof. J. Ian Spark, MD, FRACS, FRCS; and Richard B. Allan, DMU, BHlthSc (Hons)

February 2018—Intravascular ultrasound confirms the shape-maintaining abilities of a GORE® TIGRIS® Vascular Stent placed in the popliteal artery during leg flexion.

First Postmarket Cases Performed Using Extended-Length Diamondback 360 for Radial PAD Atherectomy

February 14, 2018 -- Cardiovascular Systems, Inc. (CSI) announced that the first radial access cases were performed using its US Food and Drug Administration -- cleared extend…




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