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Biotronik Introduces Pulsar-18 T3 Triaxial 4-F Stent System

January 22, 2019 -- Biotronik launched the Pulsar-18 T3 triaxial stent system at LINC 2019, the Leipzig Interventional Course held January 22 -- 25 in Leipzig, Germany. The de…

A Roundtable Discussion on Results From the First Head-to-Head DES SFA Trial: IMPERIAL

With Michael R. Jaff, DO; Gary M. Ansel, MD, FACC; William A. Gray, MD; Steve Henao, MD, FACC, FACS; and Robert A. Lookstein, MD

January 2019—A multidisciplinary panel of PAD experts discuss the impact on patient care and the health care system and how these results may shift current treatment algorithms.

Discussing the IMPERIAL Data in Practice

With Yann Gouëffic, MD, PhD; and Andrew Holden, MBChB, FRANZCR, EBIR

January 2019—Two vascular experts share their reactions to hearing the results of the first head-to-head peripheral DES trial.

Iliac Intervention and Management of the Challenging Bifurcation and Distal EIA

Jean Bismuth, MD

January 2019—An overview of proper stent selection and technique for treating aortoiliac occlusive disease.

SFA Disease: Deciding What to Leave Behind

Mark W. Burket, MD

January 2019—Evaluating the value of drug delivery and the role of permanent implants in treating superficial femoral artery disease.

Identifying the Right Diagnosis at the Right Time

Bruce H. Gray, DO, FSCAI, MSVM

January 2019—An interactive case study intended to emphasize the basics of medical diagnosis.

Treatment of a Long, Heavily Calcified Left SFA Lesion With Single-Vessel Runoff Via an Ipsilateral Antegrade Approach

Athar Ansari, MD, DTM&H, MRCP, FACC

January 2019—An 84-year-old man presented with critical limb ischemia and a 2-month history of nonhealing ulceration of the left foot and lower leg (Rutherford class 5) and severe rest pai…

Long Balloons in Practice: Improving Our Treatment Options

Samuel N. Steerman, MD, FACS, RPVI

January 2019—As a vascular surgeon in a busy clinical practice, I encounter a wide variety of cases that challenge the tools we have available. In this article, I discuss a complex case th…




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