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Vascular Intervention and Women’s Health

Maureen P. Kohi, MD, FSIR

January 2018— Many issues of Endovascular Today focus on a specific pathology or a range of disorders affecting one anatomic region. In this edition, we are focusing on one group of pat…

Sex-Related Differences in Lower Extremity Peripheral Artery Disease

Maureen P. Kohi, MD, FSIR; and John Fritz Angle, MD, FSIR

January 2018—A review of differences in clinical presentation and outcomes after surgical revascularization and endovascular procedures in women as compared with men.

The Benefit of Cryoplasty in the Office-Based Lab

George Nasser, MD, FACC

January 2018—The patient and case dynamics to weigh out when utilizing an interventional approach to PAD.

State of the Art: The Legflow Drug-Coated Balloon for Endovascular Treatment of Long SFA Lesions

Koen Deloose, MD; Joren Callaert, MD; and Marc Bosiers, MD

November 2017—Initial study results show the promise of this new-generation DCB in complex lesions.

Treating Peripheral Artery Disease in the Popliteal Artery: DA + DCB Versus DCB Alone

Konstantinos Stavroulakis, MD

October 2017—The popliteal artery is a known area of high mechanical stress and dynamic force that has been associated with accelerated restenosis and high rates of stent fracture and occl…

Case Study: Complex Long Lesion Intervention With the Lutonix® 035 Drug-Coated Balloon

Robert E. Beasley, MD

October 2017—Choosing the right DCB is paramount to avoiding complications when patients present with nonhealing wounds and single-vessel runoff.

The State of Peripheral Drug‑Eluting Technologies

Michael R. Jaff, DO

September 2017— When comparing the myriad options available for the treatment of patients with peripheral artery disease (PAD) today compared to just 1 decade ago, it is a testimony to ph…

Interim Results From the Muenster Postmarket All-Comers Registry

Theodosios Bisdas, MD, PhD

September 2017—A look at the latest data on use of the Eluvia drug-eluting stent in challenging SFA lesions.




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