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Thoracic Endograft Explant Analysis

Peter H. Lin, MD, and Joseph S. Coselli, MD

September 2008—Lessons learned from experiences with surgical conversion after failed endovascular thoracic aortic repair.

The STABLE Trial

September 2008—Joseph Lombardi, MD, describes the Zenith Dissection Endovascular System and the STABLE trial, designed to evaluate patients with complicated type B aortic dissections.

The VIRTUE Registry

September 2008—Matt Thompson, MB, FRCS, discusses the design and status of this registry and necessary outcomes to show that the Valiant endograft is a viable treatment option for patients with type B dissections.

An Interview With Ross Milner, MD

July 2008—Dr. Milner discusses some of the many decisions facing vascular specialists today with new technological developments in the fields of thoracic, abdominal, and carotid disease therapy. What can you tell us abou

Thoracic Endograft Performance Evaluations

Robert G. Whirley, PhD; Mike Nilson, BS; Catherine Szyman, MBA; Matthew S. Waninger, PhD; and Roy K. Greenberg, MD

April 2008—Insights shared at the 2007 Cleveland Clinic Stent Summit.

The Promise of MR for TEVAR and EVAR

Felix J.V. Schlösser, MD; Hamid R. Mojibian, MD; Hence J.M. Verhagen, MD, PhD; Frans L. Moll, MD, PhD; David Gortler, PharmD; and Bart E. Muhs, MD, PhD

March 2008—Obtaining both force and anatomic imaging and how this might affect endovascular repair.

Multidetector CT in the Evaluation of Thoracic Aortic Disease

Peter S. Fail, MD, FACC, FACP, and Vinod Nair, MD, FACC

January 2008—The pre-eminent platform for the planning and surveillance of TEVAR patients.

Acute Descending Thoracic Dissection

Rodney A. White, MD; Carlos E. Donayre, MD; Irwin Walot, MD; Maurice Lippmann, MD; Dongyu Tony Fang, MD; and George Kopchok, BS

January 2008—A case with multiple complications and the failure of initial medical management was treated successfully using an endovascular stent graft.




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