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TEVAR Access, Delivery, and Fixation

Frank J. Criado, MD

November 2007—Key considerations and new developments to achieve optimal endograft placement.

Endovascular Repair of Traumatic Thoracic Aortic Injuries

Peter H. Lin, MD; Tam T. Huynh, MD; Joseph S. Coselli, MD; and Kenneth L. Mattox, MD

November 2007—Anatomic considerations, therapeutic limitations, and clinical outcomes.

Future TEVAR Devices

W. Anthony Lee, MD

November 2007—What should the next generation of TEVAR devices bring?

TEVAR for the Ruptured Thoracic Aorta

Lee J. Goldstein, MD; Venkatesh G. Ramaiah, MD; and James F. McKinsey, MD

November 2007—As operator experience increases and our approaches to treating branch vessels progress, the limitations associated with TEVAR will decrease.

Hybrid Interventions for Complex Aortic Pathology

Alan B. Lumsden, MD; Eric K. Peden, MD; Jon-Cecil Walkes, MD; Mahesh Ramchandani, MD; Uttam Tripathy, MD; and Michael J. Reardon, MD

November 2007—Expanding endograft therapy to the entire aorta.

Fenestrated Options for Aortic Arch Applications

Shin Ishimaru, MD; Satoshi Kawaguchi, MD; and Yoshihiko Yokoi, MD

November 2007—The great vessels of the aortic arch require uniquely tailored therapeutic options.

Pressure Sensors to Monitor Thoracic Stent Graft Procedures

Karthik Kasirajan, MD

November 2007—An advantageous alternative to CT.

Aortic Arch Reconstruction

David H. Deaton, MD; Yvonne M. Carter, MD; Joseph C. Babrowicz, MD; and Richard F. Neville, MD

October 2007—Synergy of open and endovascular techniques.




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