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Postthrombotic Syndrome

Patricia E. Thorpe, MD, FSIR

October 2007—The most prevalent and least understood complication of deep vein thrombosis.

Endovascular Perforator Ablation

Carl M. Black, MD; Robert P. Smilanich, MD; And Eugene R. Worth, MD

October 2007—Treatment of incompetent perforator reflux can play an important role in the management of chronic venous insufficiency and stasis ulceration.

Development of a Research Agenda for IVC Filters

John A. Kaufman, MD, FSIR

October 2007—A preliminary report from a multidisciplinary research consensus panel.

Current State of Endovenous Ablation

José I. Almeida, MD, FACS, RVT

October 2007—A look at the current clinical and commercial state of this continuously growing field.

The Future of DVT Therapy

David W. Hunter, MD, and Karen J. Kowalik, RN, MBA

October 2007—Examining the origin and current state of treatment to predict the future of DVT.

A Combination Approach to Mesenteric Venous Thrombosis

Wei Zhou, MD; Tam T. Huynh, MD; and Peter H. Lin, MD

June 2007—Using percutaneous transhepatic thrombectomy and pharmacological thrombolysis to treat this highly morbid condition.

Fellows Training in Venous Disease

Steve Elias, MD

April 2007—The importance of exposing fellows to all aspects of venous disease.

Cardiologists and Endovenous Ablation Procedures

Ariel D. Soffer, MD, FACC

April 2007—How a cardiology practice turned a small investment in a new procedural offering into a lucrative and satisfying outpatient business model.



2017 Device Guide

This Device Guide offers a searchable, comprehensive listing of the available vascular interventional devices in the United States.


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