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IVUS-Guided VCF Placement

John H. Matsuura, MD

January 2005—An alternative approach to an increasingly popular vena cava filter placement technique.

IVC Filter Placement in Bariatric Patients

Dirk S. Baumann, MD, FACS

January 2005—Selective placement can limit pulmonary embolism, the leading cause of death in this growing surgical population.

Bedside Placement of IVC Filters

Andy C. Chiou, MD, MPH, FACS, and Jon S. Matsumura, MD, FACS

January 2005—This new IVUS-directed technique of filter placement significantly reduces risk in some patients.

Second-Generation, Optional Vena Cava Filter

Bob Smouse, MD; Anthony O. Ragheb, PhD; and Shivani G. Patel, MD

January 2005—A 90-day update on the safety and performance of a second-generation, optional vena cava filter in an animal model.

Embolic Protection Device Technology

Jeffrey A. Southard, MD, and Garrett B. Wong, MD

October 2006—An overview of current device designs and the philosophies behind them.

Embolic Protection in Femoropopliteal Artery Intervention

Hank J. Freeman, MD, and John H. Rundback, MD

October 2006—What devices are available and when is it necessary?

Embolic Protection Devices in Aortocoronary Saphenous Vein Graft Intervention

Jason H. Rogers, MD, and Reginald I. Low, MD

October 2006—Reduced MACE rates after intervention support continued use, although device development and innovation are imperative.

Orbital Atherectomy

Richard R. Heuser, MD; Robert Safian, MD; Marc Bosiers, MD; and Mark A. Turco, MD

September 2006—Initial experiences with a new system for the percutaneous treatment of peripheral vascular stenosis.




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