Bentley Launches BeGraft Plus Stent Graft Across Europe


January 31, 2018—Bentley announced the European launch of its BeGraft Plus covered balloon-expandable stent. The device was launched in a presentation for European markets by Professor Eric Verhoeven, MD, at LINC 2018, the Leipzig Interventional Course in Leipzig, Germany. The company is headquartered in Hechingen, Germany.

According to Bentley, the BeGraft Plus stent system is approved for intraluminal chronic placement in iliac and renal arteries to restore and improve the patency in the treatment of aneurysms, acute perforations, and acute ruptures and fistulas.

The company noted that this indication is the same as that for the BeGraft peripheral stent system; however, BeGraft Plus has properties—including high radial force and flexibility—that make it more suitable for complex and demanding endovascular lesions and/or vascular defects. The sandwich-layer design is composed of an outer and inner stent with an outer layer and an extra intermediate layer of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene tubing that ensures reliable sealing properties.

The BeGraft Plus device received European CE Mark approval in February 2017, which was followed by distribution at selected European centers. BeGraft Plus is now available across Europe in lengths of 27/28 mm, 37/38 mm, and 57/58 mm and including diameters from 5 to 10 mm. The BeGraft Plus is 7-F compatible up to a diameter of 8 mm and 8-F compatible for diameters of 9 and 10 mm, which is one French size larger than the regular peripheral BeGraft. BeGraft Plus does not replace the regular peripheral BeGraft, but is a complementary product, advised the company.

In Bentley's press release, Prof. Verhoeven commented, "With BeGraft Plus, we see a new generation of covered stents that offer us new options for the treatment of aneurysm disease." He explained that the BeGraft Plus device has a sandwich layer in the wall construction, which makes it more suitable for the treatment of complex aneurysmal disease. Prof. Verhoeven is with the Department of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery at the General Hospital Nuremberg and Paracelsus Medical University in Nuremberg, Germany.

Professor Stéphan Haulon, MD, a vascular surgeon with Hôpital Marie Lannelongue in Paris, France, added, "Recently, we have used a lot of different stents in our daily work, but the BeGraft Plus is really a different story because it has the highest radial force we have seen so far for covered stents yet remains very flexible, which makes it easy to use in the most complex procedures and complicated lesions." Prof. Haulon noted that the high radial force ensures a secure connection to the nitinol rings of branched endografts and strong performance in complex lesions.


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