Cook Medical Announces Realignment in Organizational Structure


February 20, 2018—Cook Medical announced it has initiated large-scale changes aimed at simplifying its organizational structure, including the realignment of its core business units. Specifically, Cook will merge its existing 10 strategic business units into two large divisions: Vascular and MedSurg.

The Vascular division will comprise the company's existing vascular interventional businesses: aortic intervention, peripheral intervention, and interventional radiology—as well as lead management. MedSurg will include critical care, endoscopy, otolaryngology/head and neck surgery, reproductive health, surgery, and urology clinical specialties.

Cook advised that although the business units are being consolidated in number, the structural changes will not result in any layoffs.

In a conversation with Endovascular Today regarding the forces and feedback that led to the realignment and what physicians and hospitals can expect from the new Vascular group, Cook Medical President Pete Yonkman described the division as having evolved in response to changes seen in the field, from the hospital systems to the individual procedures.

Looking for ways to better support customers in the current and future vascular landscape, Cook began a process of data collection that contacted and surveyed health care professionals at many levels, as well as its own internal team members.

"What we heard from our team and the customers was that [the field] has shifted more toward a multidisciplinary approach-physician collaboration-and a system-wide approach in terms of collecting data and evidence on outcomes and how medicine was being practiced," said Mr. Yonkman.

"Vascular medicine is becoming more complex all the time," he continued."We have multiple physician groups involved, and everybody is working together trying to figure out the best outcome for the patient. And, we have multiple technologies, sometimes, for one procedure."

Before the realignment, in some instances, Cook had as many as five or six representatives supporting various products lines to a single physician, noted Mr. Yonkman. "[The customers'] feedback to us was to switch from an individual support model to one where we are able to collaborate and align with them on this multidisciplinary and team collaboration approach," he said.

The goal of the realigned Vascular division is to have one highly coordinated representative provide support on multiple technologies or bring in additional support when needed, forming a single point of contact for the customer.

In addition to the business-unit restructuring, changes will also be made in the areas of customer support and delivery, distribution channel management, research & development, and medical education.

Per the company's announcement, changes to these divisions include the following:

  • Customer Support and Delivery. All global customer support centers and distribution centers are now centralized under one leadership team to improve customer service and develop innovative solutions that create supply chain efficiency.
  • Distribution Channel Management. A new global team has been established to maintain our commitment to fully compliant and ethical access of Cook Medical products and to work with third-party distributors improving distributor support and distribution channels to serve patients globally.
  • Research & Development. Engineering has been reorganized to form a dedicated Research & Development team that actively listens to the needs of customers and develops products that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of patient care.
  • Medical Education. A new global team has been created, pulling expertise from across the company to improve and support Vista, Cook Medical's comprehensive educational product training program for customers.

Moving from 10 strategic business units to two divisions, Cook's aim is to structure and align the company in a way that matches how its customers are delivering patient care, concluded Mr. Yonkman.


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