The Express® LD Iliac Stent System is a premounted balloon- expandable stent made of 316L stainless steel, has a unique patented stent design known as Tandem Architecture, and is the only commercially available balloon-expandable stent in the United States with an iliac indication.*

The Tandem Architecture stent design is comprised of two key elements:

  • Micro Elements, which are designed to provide flexibility during placement and conformability on deployment
  • Macro Elements, which are designed to provide consistent radial strength and enhanced radiopacity

The Express LD Stent System is available in the following matrix in both 75- and 135-cm catheter lengths with a recommended guidewire size of 0.035 inches. The Express LD Iliac Stent System is compatible with 6-F introducer sheaths up to 8 X 37 mm and then 7 F throughout the remainder of the matrix.

Several additional benefits that the Express LD Iliac Tandem Architecture may provide are:

  • Balanced deployment accuracy, especially at the aortoiliac region
  • Customized balloon lengths to minimize foreshortening For more information, please visit or contact your Boston Scientific Sales Representative.

*INTENDED USE/INDICATIONS FOR USE: The Express LD Iliac Premounted Stent System is indicated for the treatment of atherosclerotic lesions found in iliac arteries up to 100 mm in length, with a reference diameter of 6 to 10 mm.