Penumbra, Inc.
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Key Features
• Designed to remove emergent large vessel occlusion
• Fourteen transitions provide outstanding force transmission and kink resistance
• Reinforced stainless steel coil construction on proximal shaft optimizes pushability
• Nitinol coil reinforcement on distal shaft offers supple navigation

Penumbra Inc.’s Ace64, which received CE Mark in December 2014 and FDA 510(k) clearance in May 2015, is the largest lumen aspiration thromb­ectomy device on the market, with an 0.064-inch distal inner diameter and an 0.068-inch proximal inner diameter to evacuate large clot burdens from the neurovasculature. Built on the innovative Ace tracking technology platform, Ace64 accomplishes exceptionally easy delivery, enabling optimal clot engagement for even faster and more complete clot removal. The device is intended for acute ischemic patients with large vessel occlusive disease within 8 hours of symptom onset.

“Ace64 is the latest technology improvement in mechanical thrombectomy,” said Rob T. Lo, MD, of University Medical Center Utrecht in The Netherlands, a center in the MR CLEAN trial. “With the new Ace64, I am achieving even higher revascularization rates, particularly TICI 3, while reducing procedure times and minimizing overall procedure costs. Ace64 is now my frontline tool for treating patients with acute ischemic stroke.”


Ovation iX Iliac Stent Graft

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Key Features
• Low-profile (10–13 F) integrated sheath designed to minimize vessel trauma
• Broadened sizes expand patient applicability
• Flared limbs up to 28 mm in diameter
• Limb lengths up to 160 mm
• Profile reduced 1 F across sizes


TriVascular has received CE Mark clearance and FDA approval for the Ovation iX iliac stent graft for use with the Ovation Prime abdominal stent graft system. Ovation iX stands for integrated exchange, and the iliac stent graft was developed to improve physician ease of use and expand patient applicability. The less invasive, low-profile (10–13 F) integrated sheath is designed to minimize vessel trauma. With flared limbs up to 28 mm in diameter and limb lengths up to 160 mm, the broader-size matrix and even lower profiles enable treatment of a wider range of abdominal aortic aneurysm anatomies.

“Our experience with the Ovation system, and specifically the Ovation iliac limb technology, is excellent in even the most challenging access cases. The new iX technology solidifies the Ovation system’s status as unsurpassed from top to bottom,” 
said David Minion, MD, Professor of Surgery and Program Director for Vascular Surgery at the University of Kentucky Medical Center in Lexington, Kentucky. The Ovation platform has been used in the successful treatment of approximately 7,000 patients worldwide and is available for sale in over 35 countries around the world.

Cardio-Visual App

Cardio-Visual, LLC
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Key Features
• Animations show cardiovascular anatomy, conditions, procedures, and devices
• No setup or wifi needed after download
• No HIPAA or EMR requirements
• Works on any iPad; coming soon for iPhone


The Cardio-Visual iPad app provides instant access to short animation videos and images depicting cardiac, electrophysiologic, structural, and vascular conditions, procedures, and devices, as well as anatomy relevant to each. The app is a time-saving tool for providers to educate patients about conditions, discuss treatments, and review complex procedures such as atrial fibrillation ablation, endovascular aneurysm repair, or transcatheter aortic valve replacement. The Cardio-Visual app allows providers to deliver unbiased, precise information and a clear path for patients to understand complex procedures.

Edward Chafizadeh, MD, of Cardio Texas in Austin, Texas, says, “I appreciate the clarity of the descriptions and explanations and the fact that it has great visual graphics for patients. I feel it allows me to give excellent information to patients and their families.”

Indigo System

Penumbra, Inc.
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Key Features
• Now with venous indication and larger sizes
• Advanced tracking and reach
• Mechanical clot engagement and extraction
• Maximized aspiration power with continuous vacuum


The Indigo system received United States Food and Drug Administration clearance in May 2015 for two larger sizes and received a new venous indication. Indigo is designed to evacuate clot from the arterial and venous systems. The increased lumen size, advanced tracking, and directionality of the catheters, paired with powerful continuous vacuum from the Penumbra aspiration pump, allow for the treatment of arterial and venous disease. The proprietary separator technology that is included in the Indigo system ensures unobstructed aspiration for the duration of the procedure. Indigo is built on the innovative Penumbra catheter technology with multiple material transitions that allows for rapid clot removal from the peripheral anatomy.