VeniStar Radiofrequency Endovenous Ablation Electrode

StarMed Co., Ltd.
+ 82-31-816-3546 (613)

Key Features

  • Adjustable active tips (0–3 cm and 3–7 cm)
  • LED guide light for visibility
  • Spiral active tip provides flexibility
  • Internal cooling system helps prevent thermal damage
  • Small 7-F profile

VeniStar is a radiofrequency electrode for treating patients with damaged veins. The length of the active tip comes in two sizes and can be adjusted from 0 to 7 cm for various ablation lengths, allowing physicians to treat a range of vessel sizes with only one device. VeniStar features an LED guide light for visibility when positioning the electrode at the treatment location. It also includes a spiral active tip, which provides flexibility for smooth navigation and the right amount of firmness for overcoming the challenge of tortuous veins.

VeniStar works in conjunction with the Varicose Vein Radiofrequency (VVR) System, which includes the VVR generator and cooling pump. The cooling pump circulates coolant throughout the electrode to help prevent thermal damage to normal surrounding tissue.

StarMed Co., Ltd., a global leader in thyroid radiofrequency ablation, started their first postmarket study with VeniStar in South Korea for their initial clinical experience. The first round of the clinical study is expected to be completed by the end of 2019. VeniStar and the VVR System are now available in Europe and South Korea.

Mynx Control Vascular Closure Device

Cordis, a Cardinal Health company


  • Two-button design to simplify procedural steps
  • Sheath catch is compatible with the procedural sheath
  • Tension indicator for ­visually ­confirming device position for ­sealant deployment
  • Available in 5-F and 6/7-F sizes

The Mynx Control vascular closure device integrates active extravascular sealing and full resorbability properties into a next-generation delivery system. The new delivery system maximizes predictability, safety, and ease of use in sealing 5- to 7-F femoral artery access sites. This advanced vascular closure system provides a unique handle to automate procedural steps, a tension indicator for confirmation of proper device position for sealant deployment, and a new ergonomic handle design.

The Mynx technology has been clinically proven to reduce surgical complications, expedite recovery, shorten hospital stays, and increase patient comfort.

The Mynx Control vascular closure device received CE Mark approval in 2019 and launched in the United States in 2018.